General Policy 2

​OBA has the following policy of terms and conditions, rules and regulations in place to enhance the safety and activities of the facility for all our member students and parents and family members, as well as all guests and publics:

About use of the gym

  1. Only bottled water is welcome in the court area

  2. Only indoor non-marking court shoes are permitted in the court area

  3. Only proper sports attire is permitted during court use

  4. Only OBA designated coaches are permitted to provide training in the gym unless given consent by the OBA management

  5. Any and/or all persons are required to read and sign the Agreement and Waiver prior to entering and using the Gym

  6. Any person in the gym assumed signed and bonded with the Agreement and Waiver or otherwise deemed an inappropriate entering and in violation to the rules and regulations

  7. OBA reserves the right to close the gym from regular use for any reason, such as tournaments, special training events, reservations, facilities maintenance, weather conditions, public holidays, etc...

  8. OBA reserves the right to deny use of the facility by any person whose conduct is considered by the OBA staff to be in violation to the rules and regulations or otherwise deemed inappropriate

  9. OBA reserves the right of final interpretation of all terms on all our pages.

  10. OBA reserves the right to update its policy rules and regulations from time to time pending business needs. Any such updates made will be notified to public immediately.



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