Yonex BC Junior Elite

February 26, 2018

Congratulations to all the OBA athletes who participated in the Yonex BC Junior Elite tournament!!! We have players ranging from U15 to U19 and they all achieve excellent results. Some players made it to finals for the first time of this season, while most players maintained a high level of competition. Let’s work hard and prepare for the upcoming tournaments ahead!


U15 Boys Singles BRONZE Joshua Nguyen
U15 Boys Doubles SILVER Joshua Nguyen
U17 Boys Singles BRONZE Joseph Lu
U17 Boys Doubles BRONZE Tom Liu Joseph Lu
U17 Girls Singles SILVER Sharon Au
U17 Girls Doubles SILVER Sharon Au
U17 Mixed Doubles SILVER Joseph Lu
U17 Mixed Doubles BRONZE Anthony Tso Sharon Au
U19 Boys Doubles SILVER Nathaniel Chan Samson Chan
U19 Boys Doubles BRONZE Sam Ma
U19 Mixed Doubles BRONZE Samson Chan




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