Junior National Championships

May 29, 2019


After a full week in Winnipeg, our amazing OBA athletes are finally back with their results. It was one of the furthers trips and longest trip, from Markham Ontario to Winnipeg Manitoba. Although they were eager to explore the new city, OBA athletes knew they had to focus, as Nationals occurred only once a year. Our athletes view Nationals as a great opportunity to play with many different great players from every corner of Canada. Like every year, our athletes never let us down, always coming back with something over their neck.  


Tailia Ng got Silver for U23 Women's Single 

Joshua Nguyen got Gold for U15 Boy's Single 

Chloe Hoang got Silver for U15 Girls Single and U15 Girls Double 

Alex Xu got Silver for U15 Boys Double 

Joshua Ng and Chloe Hoang got Silver for U15 Mixed Doubles 

Jonathan Chien got Gold for U19 Boys Doubles 

Win Liao got Silver for U17 Boys Doubles 








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