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Re-open update: Team 1 and Team 2 training resumed

Dear all students, members and parents,

Team 1 and Team 2 training will be resumed on Tuesday May 26, 2020.

OBA will continue to monitor the CODVID 19 situation and follow the protocols set out by Health Canada for reopening as safety for everyone is our first priority. Here is some information that you need to know:

Temporary Hour:

▶️Mon - Fri: 12 NOON - 9 PM (by booking schedule only)

▶️Sat - Sun: 12 NOON - 9 PM (by booking schedule only)

General Safety:

▶️Hand sanitizer provided in front entry.

▶️All common areas including used surfaces will be clean regularly.

▶️All players are required to wash their hands after enter and before leave the facility

▶️Those who are feeling sick or having flu/cold symptoms are not permitted to enter the facility.

▶️Player are also required to use sanitation wipes on racket handles as they enter.

▶️No hand shake. Physical contact not permitted between athletes or coaches.

▶️Players must change their shoes at the entrance.

▶️Belongings will be required to be placed at least 2 meter apart from the belongings of others

Court Setting:

▶️Only a maximum of 2 players per half court are permitted. They may not switch courts or interact with anyone outside of their court.


▶️Spectators (including family) are NOT permitted in the facility until further notice. Parents or guardians can drop off students at the front door or wait outside.

Private lessons:

▶️Resumes as normal. Please speak to us about your schedule.

Team Training:

▶️Team 1 and Team 2 training resume on May 26, 2020. Team 3, Team 4 remain suspended.

Group Class:

▶️Remain suspended. Will reopen shortly.


▶️March Break camp registrants will receive credit that can be used in Summer Camp.

▶️Summer Camp registration will open shortly.

Member Drop-in and court-rental:

▶️Remain suspended

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