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OBA Policies

By signing up and paying for any of the programs provided by the Ontario Badminton Academy (OBA), located at 7400 Woodbine Ave, Unit 4, Markham, Ontario L3R 1A5, you are indicating that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bonded by the OBA's terms and conditions, rules and regulations that set forth at the following:

Agreement and Waiver

1. You understood and assumed all risks and responsibilities for your child/children and yourself for participating in any and all activities held at the OBA. You agreed to release the OBA and all its staff forever from all claims for personal injuries, death, property damages, or losses due to participating in the activities at the OBA and also promised not to sue the OBA and all its staff for any negative consequences due to your participating in the OBA. 


2. You understood and agreed that you and your child/children may be photographed, videoed, or filmed while participating in the activities, and agreed to allow those photos, videos, or films likeness to be used for badminton promotional purposes; 


3. You understood and agreed to provide monetary compensation for any damages or loss of equipment in the facility you were responsible for. 


4. You understood and agreed that the OBA has the right to revoke one's membership solely by its own discretion if it has found that one's doing is a conflict of interest to the OBA

5. You understood and agreed that, if any dispute between you and the OBA, and that can't reach an agreement, the last resolution can be a termination of the agreement letter/email sent from one party to the other without any further action to end the relationship in peace, and if any, some remaining fees clearance will be arranged accordingly. 

6. You understood and agreed that the OBA and you, both parties, have the same right to make any changes from its previous views, commitments, terms or conditions, and or settings over time, if those changes no longer fit each other, any party of we both has the right to cancel the agreement and if any, clear up the remaining fees accordingly.

7. You understood and agreed that the OBA has the final interpretations for any and all its policies. 


Access to the Facility

Your access to and use of the OBA's facility is conditional upon your acceptance of and compliance with these terms and conditions, rules, and regulations set forth on this page. Your access to and use of the OBA's facility must have possessed the following status: 

Payments & Credits

1. Payment is required to be made prior to the program starts. 

2. All payments made are non-refundable. Some cases can be transmittable to credit.


​3. Credit for Tournament Absence

This credit is provided for all our students that committed to 3 times training per week category yearly program called Full Committed Students. All other students' absences due to tournaments will not be offered credit but will be allowed to make up with other training sessions weekly that they have not committed to.

4. Credit for sick and injury days

These credits are provided to students having absences from the team training due to sickness or injury with a doctor's note submitted. For the Full commitment students, this credit can be carried over to the next yearly season. But for the other students, this credit has to be put on taking the make-up in any non-committed team training sessions, and all make-ups have to be completed within the current yearly season and can't be carried over to the next. 

5. Credit for summer vacation

This credit is provided to students having absences from the team training due to the summer vacations during the months of July and August.

6. Usage of Credit

6.1. All credits can be used towards any consumptions at OBA (i.e., any training programs, future season team registration, court rentals, racquets, shuttlecocks, shoes, clothing purchasing, etc.) EXCEPT for private lessons. 

Any and all credits are not transferable to any other individuals unless that is between family members.

6.2. All credits are eligible for a period of 1 year. If credits are not used within the time period, all credits will be void. 

6.3. Private lesson credits can be used for any charge-required activities in the gym, can be transferable between family members, and can be used for different coaches providing makeup for the differences in the prices between coaches. 

6.4. All other credits can be used for any charge-required activities or goods purchasing except private lessons. 

Booking & Cancelation

1. Request for Changes

In the event that you request changes, alteration, reduction, or cancellation of your committed program, and that is approved by the OBA, then the related money value will be calculated as your credits with OBA, and there is absolutely no cash refundable, and also there is a processing fee will be charged.

2. Private lesson

If in any case, you cannot make it to your private lesson, the front desk will need to be notified 24 hours before the lesson, or else the lesson will be charged. To secure a session, you must pre-pay no less than 5 lessons. 

3. Recreational Classes

If you are unable to attend, you must call in and inform the front desk. Make-up classes can be arranged within a week. Make-up classes can only be transferred to the next following terms and make-up classes will be void anytime afterward. 

4. Make-up Classes

If you have missed a class due to personal reasons, you can make up the class within a week. Make-up classes can only be done within the same team or lower level team. Make-up classes cannot be transferred to upcoming seasons.  

5. Rental Booking

Court rentals must reserve the court before visiting via phone, email, or WeChat. Payment must be made at the front desk upon arrival. If failure to do so, OBA has the right to stop you from playing to make the payment.

6. Drop-ins

All drop-ins must check in with the front desk upon arrival and make payment before getting on the courts. If failure to do so, OBA has the right to stop you from playing and payment must be made. Drop-ins are allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 hours with courts 1 and 2 being the designated courts.

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