Shuttlecock and Badmington Racket

OBA is a membership based academy that provides all the training and playing programs for its members. OBA professionals are obligated to work only for its members and shall not work in any form for non members in the academy or outside of the academy.

In order to participate in any of the OBA programs, first thing first is to become an OBA member.

As an OBA member, you shall agree to comply all its rules and regulations, you shall agree to represent OBA to all tournaments arranged by Badminton Ontario and Badminton Canada. All other tournaments organized outside of above governing body you shall go, you shall agree to get OBA consent if you shall not represent OBA, and OBA shall not unreasonably object.

There are 2 types of memberships available to choose from:  Family Membership and Team Membership.


Team Membership


Team Membership Fee: $450.00/year

  • You are accepted as a member of one of the OBA competitive teams.

  • You can drop in any time to play and practice at available court when there is no team training session taking place with no fee.

  • You may book court/s at a low rate at Drop-in session to play with other members

  • With an additional team training fee, you shall have a well-arranged 4 times a week training schedule year-round to ensure you have professional training to explore your potential and pursue your dream of success and excellence.

  • Discount price for pro shops products and private lesson.


Family Membership


Family Membership Fee (for team member's family with the same household only):

First Family Member: $170/year

Second + Family Member: $100/year


  • Drop-in and play (later refer it as 'Drop-in') at the available courts at any time when there is no team training session going on with no additional cost.

  • You may book court/s at a low rate at Drop-in session to play with other members

  • You may book court/s at a low rate at Drop-in session to bring in your non-member friend/s to play with a guest fee of $10 for each guest.

  • You have an opportunity to learn from OBA professionals by taking any lessons and classes, joining any OBA teams initially or later on, with its fee rate.