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2018 Yonex U23 & Junior National Championships

Great news from Burlington! Congratulations to all the athletes who competed in the U23 and Junior National Championships last week!!! It was one of the most anticipated tournament of the season. Our players managed to capture 11 medals. In the U17 Boys Singles category, our two players, Joseph and Anthony, dominated the finals match, earning a gold and silver medal respectively. Talia Ng, being 16 years of age, challenged herself to play up in the U23 Women’s Singles and Doubles categories. She captured two gold medals.

What a great way to wrap up the season as our players prepare for the tournament ahead! We look forward to seeing more amazing results from our players in the next major tournament – The Junior Pan Am Championship – in July.

U15 Boys Singles GOLD Joshua Nguyen U15 Boys Doubles SILVER Joshua Nguyen

U17 Boys Singles GOLD Joseph Lu U17 Boys Singles SILVER Anthony Tso U17 Boys Doubles BRONZE Win Liao U17 Boys Doubles BRONZE Tom Liu Joseph Lu U17 Mixed Doubles BRONZE Anthony Tso U17 Mixed Doubles BRONZE Joseph Lu

U23 Women Singles GOLD Talia Ng U23 Women Doubles GOLD Talia Ng

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