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Job Opportunities

We are always hiring for full time high performance badminton coach


Terms of Employment: - Permanent full-time Anticipated Start Date: - As soon as possible Skills Requirements: - Education: Not applicable - Credentials: Not applicable Experience: - Experienced people give priority

Language: - English and/or Chinese

Sports Concentration: - Badminton Work Setting: - Community-based, local and/or regional sports club specific duties: - Assist the Head Coach with High-Performance Training program development; - Participate in training sessions and coach meetings; - Plan, develop and implement training and practice sessions; - Develop, plan and co-ordinate competitive schedules and programs; - Motivate and prepare athletes or teams for competitive events or games; - Analyze and evaluate athletes' or teams' performance; - Observe and evaluate prospective athletes' skills and performance; - Provide feedback to players, parents and the Club;

Give priority to: - Badminton training experience; - National or international badminton competition experience; - National and/or international championship holders.

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