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18.19 BLACK KNIGHT Ontario Jr HP Tournament #4

The last high performance provincial tournament happened last weekend at the Epic Sports Badminton Club. Our OBA players competed in every age group and achieved excellent results through their extraordinary performance. Many players played up to compete against players beyond their age and still managed to strive for success.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone and Happy Holidays to all the badminton lovers out there!

U11 Girls Singles SEMI-FINALIST Kelly LIU

U11 Girls Doubles SILVER Kelly LIU

U11 Mixed Doubles SILVER Kelly LIU

U15 Boys Doubles GOLD Alex Longsheng XU

U15 Boys Doubles BRONZE Raymond LIU U17 Boys Doubles GOLD Win LIAO

U19 Mixed Doubles SILVER Eric WAN

U19 Mixed Doubles SEMI-FINALIST Win LIAO

U19 Mixed Doubles SEMI-FINALIST Michelle Jia KE

U19 Girls Doubles SILVER Michelle Jia KE

U19 Girls Doubles SILVER Jessica LAU

U19 Boys Doubles BRONZE Tom LIU

U19 Boys Doubles SEMI-FINALIST Eric WAN

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