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2019 Ontario Junior Provincial A Championships

Congratulations to all OBA athletes for attending the Championships held at Markham PanAm Centre on April 26 to April 28, 2019! There were a few close matches, but our determined athletes still pulled it off. It was a roller coaster journey and our athletes had to overcome various obstacles. The effort they put in to training has paid off and we are all proud of everyone. Let's keep it up for the next tournament!

Mimi Liu got GOLD for U11 Girls Doubles

Alex Xu got SILVER for U15 Boys Doubles

Raymond Li got BRONZE for U15 Boys Doubles

Joshua Nguyen and Chloe Hoang got GOLD for U15 Mixed Doubles

Chloe Hoang got SILVER for U15 Girls Single

Michael Wang was a semi-finalist for U15 Boys Doubles

Joshua Nguyen and got GOLD for U17 Boys Doubles

Kyle Fung and Jonathan Chien got SILVER for U19 Boys Doubles

Jessica Lau was a semi-finalist for U19 Girls Doubles

Stay tuned for 2019 Nationals!

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