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OBA COVID-19 Update

Dear All,

Hope you are all well. 

Due to the concern of virus spreading, only athletes who are Team or Family members are permitted to use the facility. All programs (i.e. team, class, and private) are available for students, however, drop-ins will remain closed for non-members until further notice. Please be considerate of the OBA community and stay home if you are unwell. These implementations are to ensure the safety of all our players and OBA. 

Masks must be worn within the facility unless you are on court. Please sanitize your hands when coming in and leaving the facility. Hand sanitizer can be found on a table located in the lobby. Lastly, OBA will continue to monitor the situation to ensure a safe environment for our athletes and keep you updated. 

Thank you for your understanding and we hope you all stay safe!

Best regards,



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